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What is KettFest ?

KettFest 2017 is a venture celebrating Kettering and its people, which takes place from the 1st to the 9th, 10 and 11th of June, 2017.

We are excited! KettFest is in it's 3rd year now and it wont be long now until we show you what delights are hidden in this midland's town.  During the 2nd weekend in June, Kettering will be steeped in colour, activity, randomness and community spirit.  So far we have Kino Lounge, The Yards, The Library, The Peacock, Rocket Records, Keystone, Kettering Art's Centre, Mangiamo's, Kettering Arts Centre, Wicksteed Park and Keystone , all holding events during the festival weekend.  More venues, groups and individuals are coming forward everyday to be a part of KettFest and we expect everyone involved to promote themselves for free during KettFest. 

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Email: info@kettfest.org

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We will bring arts, music and culture to the corners of Kettering and bring this community together.    

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